Shanti Yoga Glasgow 200 hour Teacher Training


Shanti Yoga Glasgow 200 hour Teacher Training Foundation Course
Shanti Yoga Glasgow’s foundation Yoga Teacher Training course is 200 hours in total. All of these hours will be face-to-face in one of our chosen retreats centres and in Shanti Yoga Glasgow. There will also be some outdoor nature sessions. 70% of the course will be taught by Yoga Alliance SYT teacher, Sasha Harper (Ezzi-Irani) and the other 30% will be by special guests into the studio.
All students should Students should have been practicing yoga for 2 years and have a strong practice and a good knowledge of the basic Yoga poses, before embarking on this teacher training course.
Full details of this course will be available on our website- by February 2017.
Our 200-hour Teacher Training will involve 1 full week of training (60 hours) abroad (location still to be confirmed) in Sep 2017, followed by 8 weekends of training which will involve Friday night, Saturday & Sunday.

Shanti Yoga Glasgow 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 2017
Shanti Yoga Glasgow, 20 Sandyford Street, Glasgow, G3 8QJ
Principal SYT: Sasha Harper (Ezzi Irani) Sasha as the principal teacher of this 200 hour TT, will be providing 70% of the training is currently working hard to put together an exceptional Teacher Training. Sasha has been trained by some of the world’s most influential teachers and she has built a very individual and exceptional reputation in Glasgow.
This course will be a fantastic way to deepen your own practice or as a gateway towards becoming a Yoga teacher. The other 30% of the program will be filled with very unique teachers, each bringing their own individuality and specific specialised knowledge to the program. Our aim is to create inspirational, confident, safe and knowledgeable teachers in Glasgow and beyond. You will start teaching each of your class-mates from very early on, in the course, to ensure you get plenty of practice and to build your confidence as a teacher.
For Sasha, her first TT in India and her addition Teacher Trainings with Shiva Rea have been life changing experiences. Experiences that have not only resulted in Shanti Yoga and our beautiful Yoga community but also, for herself, these trainings have lead to her own greater contentment in life, a greater understanding of herself through Yoga & Meditation and finally, she has been shown a new Yogic way of life.
Sasha hopes to replicate a similar but individual experience to all of our future Yoga teachers. These trainings are intense and hard work but also, incredibly valuable to your own development in Yoga and for life in general.
The course will be centred around Energetic Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga Flow & Yin Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation. All applicants are expected to have practiced Yoga for at least 2 years and to have a good understanding of the Yoga basics.
Sasha has also created one of the most successful studios in Glasgow, which had been running for over 8 years now and she will be able to give invaluable advice on how to get started as a Yoga teacher. She also hopes to really provide a teaching experience that is unique to Shanti Yoga, that incorporates modern Yoga teachings with at the same time, being respectful to the traditions of Yoga and its origins. Sasha fully intends to invite you all into Shanti’s very own unique way of teaching. What will be covered over the duration of this course:
• A mixture of Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga each day of training (the Friday night session may differ)

• In depth study of primary, intermediate & advanced asanas key alignment points, contraindications & benefits

• Pranayama, Mantra & Meditation

• Principles of Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga

Teaching Methodology:
• Alignment & Adjusting

• Planning & Sequencing

• Inspiring & Motivating your Students

• Using your voice in a class

• Using music in a Yoga class

• Seeing & Reading Bodies in Class

• Intros into Pregnancy & Post-Natal Yoga

• Basic Anatomy of the body

• Observation & Practice Teaching – students of all levels

• Handstands, headstands & arm balancing session

• Meditation & Mindfulness Anatomy & Physiology:
• Intro to Ayurvedic Medicine

• Basic Anatomy, Holistic Health & Nutrition

• Chakras, Bhandas, Mudras

• Alignment & Breathing Yoga Philosophy

• Chakras

• The Eight Limbs

• Classic & Contemporary Yogic Texts (including the Bhagavad Gita & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras)

• Lineages & Styles of Yoga

• Sanskrit – pronunciation & etymology

Business Ethics & Yoga Careers
• Launching a Career in Yoga, Business, Marketing

• Planning Workshops & Retreats
Course Objectives:
• Trainees will become knowledgeable in various styles of Yoga
• Trainees will understand the pedagogy of Yoga
• Trainees will learn the art of observation and adjustment in asana
• Trainees will become knowledgeable about the roots and philosophy of Yoga
• Trainees will learn Sanskrit sufficiently enough to run through the basic Yoga postures
• Trainees will be able to plan and teach a full Vinyasa or Restorative class and they will be able to led basic Meditation & Pranayama
• Trainees will become knowledgable on the basic skills in business and marketing management
Structural Breakdown:

The course will provide a full manual which will match the modules set out in this syllabus. A reading list will be provided upon the start of the course and students are expected to purchase these themselves. These books may be available at a discounted price at the YA Store as part of your membership benefits.
Module 1: (54 hours)

• Origins of Yoga & Vinyasa • Sanskrit • Sun Salutation Breakdown Workshop & Alignment • Asana practice • Teaching Practice • Pranayama & Meditation practice • Kriyas • Inspiring & Motivating your Students • Using your voice in a class • Mantra • Finding who you are as a teacher • Seeing & Reading Bodies in class, reading class energy • Protecting your energy as a teacher- life balance • Planning & Structuring a class

Module 2: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Mindfulness Principles & practice  • Chakras • Breakdown of Standing Poses • Teaching Practice • Pranayama Principles (2 hours) – Meditation (4 hours)-  Mindfulness (1 hour) Pranayama (2 hours)

Module 3: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Pranayama • Breakdown of Forward Folds & Back-bends Poses • Teaching Practice • Mudra • Common ailments • Talks from other teachers • Kirtan & Chanting (1.5 hours) & 1 hour talks from other teachers

 Module 4: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation Principles & practice • Breakdown of Twist Poses • Teaching Practice • Handstands, headstands & arm balancing session (2 hours) • Intro into Ayurveda • Yoga Nidra (1 hour)

Module 5: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Mindfulness • Teaching Practice • Yoga Philosophy weekend (9 hours) • The Eight Limbs • Classic & Contemporary Yogic Texts (including the Bhagavad Gita & Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras)

Module 6: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Pranayama • Teaching Practice • Adjusting your students • Holistic Health & Nutrition • Yoga for Sports • Talks from other teachers
1 hour Yoga for Sports & 1 hour talks from other teachers

Module 7: (21.5)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Pranayama • Teaching Practice • Anatomy weekend (9 hours) • Restorative Yoga Principles & 2 hours Restorative Yoga

Module 8: (21.5 hours)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Pranayama • Teaching Practice • Intro to Pregnancy & Post-Natal • Launching a Career in Yoga, Business, Marketing • Planning Workshops & Retreats • Safety Guidelines • Using music in a Yoga class • Insurance & Yoga governing bodies • Ethics of Teaching
Module 9: (21.5 hours)

• Asana Practice • Meditation & Pranayama • Teaching Practice • Intro to Pregnancy & Post-Natal (2 hours) • Restorative Yoga (2 hours) • Kirtan & Chanting (1.5 hours)

Students are required to have a minimum of 2 years of strong yoga practice before they can be accepted onto a teacher training course. No exceptions can be made. Successful applicants should be in good health and have stable personal circumstances to complete this course with the focus and dedication it requires.
Evaluation Procedure & Grading Criteria: • Essays – 2 essays based on history of Yoga & Philosophy. • Multiple worksheets – based on asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and teaching methodology. • Observational class assessment – trainees will be assessed whilst teaching their fellow trainees, 
 which should include adjustments.

Course Schedule:
The course consists of 60 hours over one week abroad. Then 8 weekends of Fridays 18.30-21.30, Saturday & Sunday from 9.00am – 6:00pm.
Course Dates:
Module 1: Sep 30th- 7th Oct (abroad) – 6 days of 9 hours per day
Module 2: October 27th – 29th- 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 3: November 10th – 12th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 4: December 8th -10th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 5: January 19th-21st – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 6: February 9th- 11th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 7: March 2nd- 4th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 8: April 20th-22nd – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Module 9: May 4th-6th – 1 evening & 2 days (19 hours)
Exam, certification date & party : 12th May
Weekends in Scotland:
Fridays- 18.30- 21.30 (3 hours)
Saturdays & Sundays: (8 hours each day)
Start of course 9am-13.00pm
Lunch 13:00pm-14.00pm
Training 14.00pm-6:00pm
Week Abroad: 54 hours
Saturday- Welcome Party & 3 hours
Sunday- Friday-
7:00-8:00am Meditation & Pranayama 08:00-10:30am Asana 10.30-10.45 Break 10:45-11:45pm Philosophy & Asana Study 11:45-15.00pm Brunch & Break 15:00-17:30pm Lectures 17:30-18:30pm Dinner 18.30-19.30pm Chanting & Meditation
Following Saturday- Finishing practice & closing party- 3 hours
Total contact hours: 225 hours
Non Contact hours: 20 hours (Any written work, including homework)
Attendance: Students are expected to be respectful of classmates. Should attendance not be satisfactory, Shanti Yoga Glasgow reserves the right, not to qualify students as a pass. Missed time with the SYT can be replaced with 1-2-1, standard costs will apply for this extra private tutorial time!
Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by yoga Alliance professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.


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