Shanti Yoga Glasgow Teacher Training 2018-19 – Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Guidelines

Practice Experience:
Students should have been practicing yoga for 2 years and have a strong practice and a good knowledge of the basic Yoga poses, before embarking on this teacher training course.

A non-refundable deposit of £500 will be necessary to secure a place on this course and should be made at the time of booking.
Applications will be taken on a ‘first come first served’ basis and students who have paid their deposit will have priority over those who haven’t.
Shanti Yoga Glasgow reserves the right to refuse a place to students who have not paid their deposits or full fees by the required date.
The fees must be paid in full and any private sessions paid for & completed before a graduation certificate will be issued.

What fees include: 

• Training and assessment by a qualified Yoga Alliance Professionals SYT & various special guest teachers

• Full support for the duration of the course, to ensure that all students reach the high level of personal practice & teaching that is required to get started as a Yoga Teacher.

• A full manual and other appropriate paperwork • Brunch & late snack on the Saturday & Sunday, during weekends in Shanti Yoga Glasgow’s Yorkhill studio

• Full accommodation & Food during week in Spain
What is not included in fees: 

• Flights & transport to any course venues & trips
• Insurance (you can get this from Yoga Alliance Professionals for just £10)
• A certificate (paying the fees do not guarantee you a certificate as you will need to successfully pass all assignments and attend a minimum of 80% of the course.
• Upon signing up for the teacher training course your name, email address and phone number will be forwarded to our accrediting body, Yoga Alliance Professionals YAP, and you will get a free membership with YAP for the duration of your course. Residents of the UK and Ireland are eligible to add Trainee insurance for the duration of their course (£10 UK, £20 Ireland)
We reserve the right to amend any of the above conditions any time throughout the course.
Refund Policy Guidelines

Payment Deposit Dates :
Students can either pay the course amount in full prior to the course beginning or you can pay the course in monthly deposits on the 1st of every month. The first payment will be on the 1st day of the month, that the course commences.
Student Pulling Out of Course
Should a student need to pull out of the course due to a Medical Health problem or due to a grievance, no refund will be given however there will be an option of completing your certification on a following year, should further courses be running.
Procedure on how to make a cancellation
Please make course cancellations formally via email:
During the Course:
Should attendance & time-keeping not be satisfactory, Shanti Yoga Glasgow reserves the right, not to qualify students as a pass. Missed time with the SYT can be replaced with 1-2-1, standard costs will apply for this extra private tutorial time! The only exception to this is the Anatomy & Philosophy weekends- these should these not be missed! Should sickness or poor timekeeping occur on these days, these days will need to be attended on the next course, should this course be running. A certificate will not be issued until these weekends are completed.
Students are expected to be respectful of class-mates and requested silence on the TT. Please be aware of giving your class-mates space if needed.
Students will be expected to do extra work in between weekend sessions. The workload will not be overwhelming, it will be something that can be done around a full-time and other commitments but this work, will be expected to be completed. Although we will be practice teaching every weekend in the studio, you will be expected to practice teaching in between sessions as well.
We request that there be no smoking on the property of Shanti Yoga or on local adventures. This course is an opportunity to detox your body and mind, we would request you make the most of this and not subject your classmates to this distraction. Please do not turn up on course days intoxicated with drugs or alcohol. Failure to adhere, can result on you being suspended from the course.
It is your responsibility to maintain a good standard of personal hygiene over the course duration and beyond if you do become a Yoga teacher.
Touch adjustments to correct alignment are part of this course, it is your responsibility to notify your principal teacher. guest teachers and classmates of any reasons why you may not want touch adjustments. It is also your responsibility to notify your principal teacher of any changing health conditions. Please herby accept that your participation in any of the classes on the course, do hold the risk of physical injury, damage or loss.
All teachers are fully qualified & experienced however not everything that we practice, will be suitable for everyone. It is your responsibility to listen to your body and to avoid strain or force. It is also your responsibility to take modifications when appropriate. Please understand that practising Yoga, particularly for long periods of time can cause what we call ‘a healing crisis’ in Yoga. You may feel fatigue, emotional release and physical effects. Please notify your principal teacher of anything that you may be experiencing or struggling with so that Sasha & the guest teachers can support you in any way that we can.
Cancellation of Course:
Course leaders reserve the right to cancel the course at any point due to medical problems. Full refunds will be given in such circumstances.
Complaints Procedure :
There are three stages that you can follow to try to resolve the issue. We will always try to resolve any complaint as soon as possible.
You may wish to involve an advocate, friend or someone else to support you at any stage. If you need a sign language or community language interpreter, please let the person dealing with the compliant know and every reasonable effort will be made to provide it.
Stage One:
Speak to the individual(s) concerned and try to resolve the complaint informally on the day. If you are not satisfied with the response you have received, try to resolve the issue by following stage two.
Stage Two:
Outline the details of your complaint by letter or email and send it to Sasha Harper, who will investigate the complaint.
Your complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days from the date it is received. The response will contain the following information:
Name of the person who will investigate the complaint & the date(s) that the incident happened.What support you can expect to receive during the process of the complaint
An expected response date
In fairness to all parties and to ensure the investigator is able to investigate the complaint in an open and meaningful way, we cannot guarantee your anonymity. In exceptional cases, however, where a child or vulnerable adult is involved, in accordance with national guidelines and good practice the identity of individuals at risk with be protected.
When the person(s) who are dealing with the complaint, have had an opportunity to review it, they will write to the tutor or person about whom the complaint has been made. The letter will outline the main elements of your complaint and ask for a full written response.
At this point, if further relevant information comes to light, you may be asked for your comments to ensure the investigator has a balanced understanding. When your response has been received, the investigator will consider all the information available to them and make a decision.
The response will include the following information: Details of the investigation
 A decision about whether the complaint was upheld or not The reason for the decision
The re-dress, if appropriate, which will be offered to you , for example, an apology, additional help or directing you to other sources of advice or support
Any other action that may be taken in light of the complaint
If it is not possible to provide a full answer to your complaint within 30 working days, the letter will outline reasons why and give a date by which a full answer is expected.


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